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Our Company

Founded in June 2016 we have expanded our premises after a succesful first year in October 2017. In addition to our headquarter in the Adlerstraße, near the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein in Krefeld, you can also find us at the K2 Tower + Industrial Park in Krefeld.

Headquarter Adlerstraße
K2-Tower + Industrial Park - Offices
Marc Graaf
The Founder

Marc Graaf, founder and owner of SynErgy Thermal Management GmbH, has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Aachen University of Technology and specialized in thermal Engineering / heat transfer technology. 

After 20 years of professional experience in developing heat pump systems and automotive air conditioning systems with alternative refrigerants he has most recently managed the advanced system development and system application development teams at an automotive supplier of thermal systems and components. He was responsible for the serial application development of heat pump systems for electrical vehicles with 2 German automotive manufacturers. These systems have been introduced into the market in 2014 and are currently in serial production.

He participates as an inventor in more than 60 patent applications.


For further Information, please visit his LinkedIn profile: 

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